Friday, July 31, 2009

A view from behind

Lovey & I take Becca & Miguel for a bike ride after dinner each night. Mary-Gail has decided that she wants to stand up in the bike trailer and look out the back. She has been doing this for the past week, and on Saturday (7/25) I finally remembered to grab my camera & have Tony take a picture of her.

(Rebecca was doing this too, until I went over a bump on the Provo River Trail and she smacked her chin on the metal bar than she was leaning on. The memory of the pain & bruise (awful!) is still too real/fresh for Rebecca to stand up again. I know she'll do it soon though - hanging your head out the back of a bike trailer is too much fun).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In search for my Lovey

Here he is!!!

My poor Lovey - sleeping in the garden tub. I had the carpets cleaned today and moved everything out of our bedroom (and the girls' rooms), and Lovey had nowhere to lay his head. He improvised and followed Rebecca & Mary-Gail's lead: lined the tub with pillows, hi-jacketed Mary-Gail's "bug-Tickah," and laid down for a quick cat-nap.

He might have a slight smile on his face since I woke him up laughing at him and his serious cuteness!

I am a lawn-snob

I have to see the lawn-mower lines in my lawn; and I have to mow my lawn a different direction each time I mow it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A week in videos: Mary-Gail laughing

This video is an 'oldie,' but it is a 'goodie.' And because it's a goodie, I could not help but re-post it, and have it be the concluding post of my "A Week in Videos" posts. This little girl can brighten my spirits just by her smile & laugh & her sweet, always-happy disposition. I love her!

I love her laugh! I love her bright, smiling eyes! I love her independence! I love that she's mine - all mine!!!

January 21, 2008 (6-days shy of 14 months old)

Mary-Gail sits in her high-chair at breakfast, laughing at me as I make some silly "ugh" sound.

Lovey & I used to call MG "vampire-baby" (or vamp-babe) because of how her teeth came in (her incisors came in before her front teeth - weird!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A week in videos: Becca & Pappy & fudge-striped cookies

October 12, 2007 - Becca always enjoys her time swining in Pappy's arms....AND she enjoys the treats Pappy gives her. That Pappy! He's always sneaking something for the girls!

P.S. Pappy is known for "breaking the rules" when it comes to his grandchildren. He is the first to give them pickles, lemons & limes (poor 9-month old Gage!), and cookies to just mention a few. Becca & Miguel still swipe cookies out of my hand - just like Rebecca did in this video with Pappy!

A week in videos: TODAY @ Thanksgiving Point

Today we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Big Red Barn. It was a perfect day for outside animal adventures and pony rides. Mary-Gail, always a hoot when she talks about animals, made sure that everyone knew she was riding her pony.

After we petted animals, had our pony rides, and saw how much we all weighed compared to what certain animals weighed, we went to see a show - Ice Age 3. I wouldn't see it again, nor would I recommend it for little kids (but I am super picky at seeing movies).

Mary-Gail says: "Look at me! Look at me! I'm riding, I'm riding my horsey."

Mary-Gail looked like she was slipping off the saddle, so I went to reposition her and she said, "I can do it. I'm riding my horsey. I can do IT!" Such an independent spirited little girl

Friday, July 24, 2009

A week in video: Luva, Luva, Luva, Luva, Luva the Daddy

December 3, 2006 - Tony changing Mary-Gail's diaper (6-days old)

March 23, 2009: Tony reads to the girls "Opposites" by Sandra Boyton

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A week in video:Sisters, Laughs, Play

July 18, 2009

Best of friends!

Mary-Gail sitting on Becca = tons of belly laughter

Mary-Gail gives Becca a ride. Although this is not the first time the girls have ridden each other, this is the first time I've been able to catch it on film

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A week in video: Kamakazee!

July 7, 2009

Tony was watching the girls when Rebecca decided (on her own) to jump from the top of her slide! Tony said, "Kamakazee!" and Rebecca jumped

More of Rebecca's "Kamakazee jumps." Plus, Mary-Gail says to Rebecca, "Good Job, Do it again"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Week in Videos: 2

April 24, 2009

Mmmmmm, RediWhip - My favorite!

It's Pappy's fault - he started us on this:

While Pappy was recovering @ Jo's house from his open-heart surgery + Staph infection + Meningitis this past January - April, he made Eggo waffles for Jo's kids for breakfast. And he added a special topping, which we all have to have now - RediWhip. Oh, it is so so so delicious!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A week in videos

March 3, 2009: Bath time

Rebecca displays her "Sad Face" & "Happy Face." This has become a fun game for the girls to play with each other, and with us! Rebecca & Mary-Gail are very open with their feelings - "I'm sad, Mommy," or "I'm being grumpy." And, they told our Pediatrician 2 weeks ago, "I'm sick."

"S L O W F E E T. Quick Feet!" A favorite line from Dr. Suess' "The Foot Book"

The Twins' Catch Phrases

I can't believe what my littles are saying these days:
  • "You in trouble. Stand in the corner"
  • "2 minutes - K?"
  • "You OK? You alright?"
  • "Don't cry"
  • "I'm sad, Mommy" (that's from Mary-Gail)
  • "I'm being tired, Mommy" (another one from Mary-Gail)
  • "You did it!"
  • "Good job!"
  • "I can do it" OR "I can do it by myself"
  • "Look at me! Look at me Daddy!"
  • "Don't look at me"
  • "Leave me alone"
  • "I'm the boss" AND "You're not the boss"
  • "You stop it" OR "Mommy, STOP!"
  • "I love you, Becca" (Mary-Gail)
  • "I love you, Ma-jail" (Becca)
  • "ArlaMae is our sister" AND "ArlaMae is a doggie - woof!"
  • "Be nice to me"
  • "Cousins are here" - Both an exclamation & a question (Mary-Gail has been saying this lately after getting up from naptime
  • "Well, Hello, Mommy. Well Hello"
  • "Hello again"
  • "Hi, Twin"
  • "Good bye. C-U later. Have fun. Have a good day/night"
  • "Kamakazee!"
  • "What are you talking about?"
  • "I can't see you" AND "I can see you!"
  • "Wonderful!"
  • "Delicious!"
  • "Well, Look at that!"
  • ...And daily quotes from their books and movies

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey! My sister blogged!

My sister, Joanna, finally added posts to her blog! 13 posts - WOW. What a treat. Thanks JoJo!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitties & Babies say, "MEOW"

Our niece, Stephanie, was 30+ weeks pregnant with her first baby the same time our other niece Amy's cat, Veranishka was pregnant with her first litter of kitties. (Veraniskha is a Ukrainian name, which I spelled phonetically). Rebecca & Mary-Gail were super excited about the kitty being pregnant and understood that "Ver" had baby kitties in her tummy. We told Rebecca & Mary-Gail that Stephanie was pregnant too, but they looked at us like we were crazy. When we'd see Stephanie on Sunday's @ Carol's house, we reminded the girls that Stephanie had a baby in her tummy just like Ver did. "No!' was Rebecca & Mary-Gail's response. I just don't think they could grasp the idea that a person could be pregnant. To be honest, I still have a hard time realizing that I carried Rebecca & Mary-Gail inside me, even though I was privileged to see them via ultrasound monthly. It really is hard to realize that there is another human, another person, inside you.

But 2 weeks ago Ver had her litter of kitties - 5 in all (and I helped deliver kitty #1 and broke it's bag). And 2 weeks ago Stephanie had her little boy, and he is so so so cute! Rebecca & Mary-Gail were so excited to see the baby kitties: they were so cute with them! Becca & Miguel went around saying, "Meow, Meow, Meow" in higher-than-normal pitched voices - I guess to emphasize the little kitties' sounds. So when Rebecca & Mary-Gail saw Stephanie's little boy last Sunday, we asked them, "What do little babies say?" And Mary-Gail said, "Meow, Meow, Meow." I guess Stephanie has a little, baby-boy kitty. Too cute!

"Ver"with her 5 little kitties
Rebecca being ever-so-careful with the kitties
Rebecca's dialogue with Ver & her kitties:
"It's OK. It's OK little kitties. Awww, so cute!"
Another little love-pat from Rebecca
The doggie's kennel - a favorite spot for Mary-Gail & Rebecca
MG: "Whoops! Kitty rolled over!"
MG: "Momma kitty"
I tried to tell Mary-Gail that she was this little when she was born;
she was so un-interested & un-impressed

Cy's fashion show

Do you remember when we said, "What if Cy was a girl?"

Cy - he's one kid that has so much self confidence & self esteem that he can do, wear, and be pretty much anything he wants - even if that means he is "pretty."
Cy, TaylorBug, & Reese came to play with the twins on Friday, July 10th, and of course we played in our backyard in the pool. I had just bought the girls a new swimsuit (rash guards & panties). I am NOT a fan of little girls wearing bikini's - I am just bothered by that - but I needed something a little easier than a one-piece suit (on/off wise) since we're potty training, so the rash guard/pantie combo looked like it might work. Plus, everyone needs a 2nd swimsuit.
Rebecca & Mary-Gail refused to wear them, and since Reese was in her one-piece swimsuit I couldn't persuade the girls to try their new suits. But Cy was excited about the new swimsuits. So excited that he decided to sport one of the suits...and then both of the suits.

Cute little Taylor Bug & her apple

Love those little "handles" Cy!

He's got some tight buns too!

Cy was completely oblivious that Jo & I were pointing out that his shirt had sparkles on it.
I think that made him like it even more!

Rebecca was like "Seriously?"

And then Cy needed to try on the other swimsuit:

The swimsuits are 2T's, but Cy is a 4T boy - no matter, just squeeze in

As you can see, Cy is very content & happy w/himself

Then we moved to the swings. I absolutely and totally love these kids!

Cy & Taylor have the same look...
...And Reese is all smiles

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Family Date

I really look forward to Friday. It's my date-night with Lovey. Lovey & I really try not to skip a date with each other, and tonight being no exception (even though our babysitter is at Youth Conference) we decided to have a Family Date Night and go see a matinee. I held Lovey's hand and Becca's hand; Lovey held my hand & Miguel's hand, and we took our Kemp Kuties to see the movie "UP." This was their 2nd movie at a showhouse (Mom & I took the girls to see "Hairspray" 2 years ago). Becca & Miguel did fantastic! When the Cinderella Castle appeared with Tinkerbell sprinkling fairy dust across the top, Miguel shouted, "Walt Dis-en-y!" And then when the Pixar light hopped across the screen and jumped up & down on the "I" in Pixar, Becca said, "Hop, hop, hop, hop, HOP!" (Can you tell that's what we do when we watch the few Disney/Pixar shows we own @ home?)

The showhouse was nearly vacant: just us and 3 other families in the entire theater. We got front-row-Joe seats (I'm sure the girls will be quoting that line again), and settled in to watch the short animated film prior to "UP"'s showing. When the screen went black, Mary-Gail said, "New movie coming, Mommy. New one coming." Such a bright little girl.

Lovey & I mused over our sweet littles and their excitement, surprise, sadness, and happiness during the 1 1/2 hour show. I was bawling after the first 10 minutes of the show, and Becca was a bit worried about me. "You OK? You alright? Don't cry Mommy, Don't cry." I had to wipe a tear from my eyes for her tender cares for me.

(Becca saved her melt-down for after the show)
I packed red & black licorice for the show, and handed Lovey a bag to share with Miguel. Miguel ate the whole bag (6 pieces) and didn't share a single piece with Tony! On the opposite extreme, Becca ate only one piece, while I ate all the rest! The show let out around 1:15 pm (we saw the matinee), and we knew meltdowns were imminent if we didn't get nourishment & naps for our littles.
Me: "Mary-Gail, what do you have all over your face?"
Mary-Gail: "Licorice"
She truly does say her "L's" - they're not "Y's" like most toddler's - blows my mind
"Cheese" is automatic when they see I have a camera
Mary-Gail being coy; Mary-Gail showing me her "grumpy face." I'll take both!
Becca trying to such her thumb - not happening girl!
I planned the first part of our Family Date. Lovey is in charge of the 2nd part. Wonder what we'll do when the girls get up from their nap. I love Family Dates!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Look at her!

Little Miss Mary-Gail is my big girl who is potty trained!!! She has been "dry" during her 2 hour nap for a week now, and she's been dry at night (11-hours!) for the past 3 days. However, I do have her go potty around 9:30 pm (she wakes up to say "Good-Night" and then to read. I read one book, and she chooses what book to take to bed).

Mary-Gail has also begun to dress & un-dress s e v e r a l times during the day. She seems to empty her dresser drawers quicker than I can wash, fold & put the clothes away! (Now I know what Jo goes through when her Reese & Cy change clothes 5 & 6 times a day!) Sometimes Mary-Gail puts her shorts on right, sometimes (as above) she puts both legs in one of the shorts'-legs. Mary-Gail didn't mind so much, until we started pinching her cute bumma-lumma. It's a cute bumma-lumma.

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007