Friday, May 30, 2008

I've lost my sunshine

It's the last day of May and I've lost my sunshine. Could it be because I'm having overwhelming feelings of inadequacy at being a mom? Am I nourishing my kids with all their fruits & veggies? Are they playing with the "correct" toys? Am I creating a healthy environment where their creativity and imagination can grow?

I watched a GMA news report discussing the importance of talking with your babies and toddlers. The PhD's and Pediatricians involved in the report said that you need to speak at least 17,000 words to your kids daily (that does not include what they hear on the radio or what they hear from watching TV/movies). 17,000 words a day?! I don't even think I know 17,000 words. The report went on to say that those children who were exposed to 17,000 words a day had a head start in school, had higher IQ scores, and developed a love for words and reading.

Just when I was about to ask how you know if you're speaking 17,000 words a day, the report flashed a wonderful, little gadget (looks like a pager) that actually counts your words and records the data. You can upload the data to your computer and create graphs on how you're doing. Nice - one more thing that shows me how inadequate I feel and how much of a failure I am. Plus, it only costs $400. Buy me two!

Next, I was yelled at by my very unfriendly neighbor yesterday evening as I tried to wrangle everyone outside for a walk to see Aunt Carol & Uncle Jack before bedtime. The said neighbor reprimanded me for not having ArlaMae & Pixie on leashes (something I normally do, but I was too tired/lazy to do it). Not only did he yell at me, but he humiliated me in front of our other neighbors who came outside to see the spectacle. Then, ArlaMae decided she was going to poop on his lawn. Yes, she pooped on his lawn. ArlaMae must have been holding her poop all day because she kept going and going and going. And guess what? I forget to grab a garbage sack. So not only did I get yelled at for not having my girls on leashes (I KNOW better!), but I also got yelled at because I didn't have a "collection bag." (I ALWAYS bring a bag. I ALWAYS bring a BAG!). I suppose I justified not leashing the girls or grabbing a sack because we were just going to see Aunt Carol & Uncle Jack (only 4 houses down from us). Too bad we didn't get there.

So, due to these things and tons of other things I've lost my sunshine. I don't know where it is. I hope I find it soon...

...And even though Mary-Gail was super sunny and cute in her "You are my Sunshine" shirt, I still feel blue. How can that be?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meet my newest & sweetest niece!

This is my newest niece! ELLA MAE BROWN was born Saturday, May 24th @ 11: 10 am. She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, and measured 19 1/2 inches long.

She has the most beautiful, CURLY, dark hair, which is made even more adorable by the golden highlights at the ends of her curls. Ella is so chunky already: her cute, little eyes are squeezed closed by her enormous cheeks.

I was able to visit Ella in the hospital on Sunday w/JoJo & Mom. We brought Preston, Abbie, & McKena back to the hospital to see their newest, little sister (and of course, to see their mom & dad).

Here's a funny story: McKena was dancing around in the hospital room and her flip-flops were really flipping & flopping on the floor, making quite a noise. Here's their conversation:

Pam: McKena, can you stop dancing? The sound is hurting baby Ella's ears.

McKena: Why don't we just cover her ears then?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will you remember today?

Will you remember today? Will you remember how you, Rebecca, woke up at 6am eager for play and hugs and "piggy" whom you threw out of your crib? Will you remember how we waited patiently for Mary-Gail to wake up, and then we couldn't wait any longer and played below her crib hoping she would hear us to wake up and play with us?

Will you remember how we harnessed the girls and climbed in the wagon and went for our morning walk? Will you remember how you both smiled when I signed "potty" as ArlaMae went potty? Will you remember wearing your matching 'roller-skater' outfits that JoJo bought for you? Will you remember going for a bike ride to Pappy's house before naptime to get a treat?
Rebecca: Pappy played "airplane" with you and you loved it!

Pappy helped show you Carly's cat, Kai, and you both loved her and her MEOW'S

Rebecca: you sat on the cement, played with the dirt (and ate it too)

Mary-Gail: you got a kick out of Pappy tickeling you with his "pokies"

Pappy shared his orange with us. Only you, Rebecca, wanted to eat the rind;
and you, Mary-Gail wanted to squish the orange sliced in your hand.
Pappy buckled us in and filled up our sippy cups for the ride home

What about our afternoon adventures: How we drove to JoJo's house to play with Gage, Reese, & Cy? How we packed up after playing in their kiddy pool, and followed JoJo and Grandma Lisa Chrisman and the kids to see Gage's T-ball game? Oh, and then there's dinner - I'm sure you, Mary-Gail, will remember spreading the tomato sauce from your noodles all over your chest & tummy, and splashing it across your tray to the floor. Some if it got on Arla's coat as she happily licked up the "over flow."

Do you remember the color of your bathtime water tonight? And do you remember nodding off to sleep as I sung our bedtimes songs? Will you remember that I love you and I will always love you?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More, More, More Pappy!

Rebecca didn't want to leave Pappy's house this afternoon. Pappy is singing his trademark song, "PonyGirl" as he bounces Rebecca up and down, and she is signing and asking him to do "more."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We stopped by Pappy's house after our NICU Reunion this afternoon. Pappy was happy to take a break and sweeten up his cuties.
Pappy offered the girls suckers, and they came running when we said & signed, "candy."
Rebecca finds rocks and brings them to Pappy...
And she's off to find more rocks...

We take a break a walk next door to Dadda's rental property. He showed us his magnificent handiwork. The girls loved the walk. Aren't these pictures precious? Mary-Gail loves her Pappy!

Pool-time fun with our cousins

Don't you just LOVE this girl!

JoJo came over yesterday afternoon with a kiddie swim pool, water guns, and toys for the kids to play with. She also brought licorice, Capri Suns, chips, and cookies.
JoJo is one amazing woman! She is 9 months pregnant, measuring for twins (although we're absolutely sure there's only one baby in there), and manages to handle 3 kids, full-time work, make homemade dinner nightly, etc... how does she do it?!?!

JoJo stayed on the blanket with Mary-Gail who would not venture its edges.
Can you say, "Premadonna"

Silly Pixie. Trix are for kids!

ArlaMae lounging after a full tummy of dropped snacks

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007