Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KUER: Meeting Scott (2010-07-12)

I heard this on KUER this morning. It is definitely worthy of sharing

KUER: Meeting Scott (2010-07-12)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hair Cuts

Rebecca & Mary-Gail were in dire need of a professional haircut. Mary-Gail's hair had grown a lot, and it needed to be styled, and Rebecca's hair - after completely falling out last summer - had finally grown back in and was, well, a little shaggy. I called up our hairdresser, Holly, and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday...at 8:00 am.

Not knowing how Rebecca & Mary-Gail would be at the salon, I asked Amy-Cakes to come with me - that way I'd have some back-up in case one of my girls got crazy. I picked up Amy-Cakes, drove to the local gas station and let the the girls pick out their own suckers, and then headed to Holly's Place.

I wanted a "bob" for Mary-Gail, and an "A-line" for Becca (since her hair is still growing back in). Holly got it right, and the results are so stinkin' cute!

Mary-Gail actually let me put TWO flower clips in her hair

I got this flower-clip @ the Beehive Bazaar last year, and I still love it
Becca had to sit in the corner for being mean, and I think her hairstyle fizzled as a result
But she AND Mary-Gail were so happy that Becca could come play again...
...and Becca was happy to get her sucker back too!

Holly did a great job on Becca & Mary-Gail's hair. And the girls did amazingly well - no whining! They loved Holly's chair, her sea creature salon-bib, and loved that Holly had a H U G E mirror right in front of them as she cut their hair. Becca let Holly use the buzzers - "the tickle-bug" as Holly said - to get her neckline too.

I think next time I'm going to have Becca's hair cut a little shorter and stacked more in the back. Mary-Gail's hair is perfect - I love the "bob" cut on her. Both my girls look so much older now...(sob, sob)...but their hair looks so much better!

Take the Day off

It's my birthday day today! Everyone, take the day off, and have a great day!!

(Google Images)

MG tells a story

Mary-Gail tells a story about Becca being stuck in a tree.

What I like about Mary-Gail's storytelling skills:
She is so animated
Her lead-in's: "...And so..."
Facial and voice expressions
Her concern for "sister"

This was from June 23, 2010
Mary-Gail & Becca - after a hard day of playing - their eyes are still the bluest-blue, and the brownest-brown. Beautiful

Their bathwater is always so dirty!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

8:46 am - 8:49 am Saturday

We were up at 7am, beds made, breakfast'd, hair done, Becca dressed (Mary-Gail didn't want to change out of her "Ariel" PJ's), and me showered. We were off to a good start! Next up was walking our doggies around the block. When I finished getting dressed, I heard Mary-Gail say to Becca, "Read it to me," and this is what I found:

8:46 am
Mary-Gail had climbed back in bed with her ice cream cone,
and Becca was reading the book, "I Like You" to Mary-Gail
8:47 am
8:49 am
Becca's almost done reading the book, and Mary-Gail's almost back asleep

JoJo gave me that book in 1997. I know because she wrote a very sweet note on the inside cover and dated it. I remember reading the book out loud after receiving it, but being unable to finish because I was crying. So when I saw that Becca had discovered this book and was reading it to Mary-Gail, I almost cried too. I truly hope their sisterhood/friendship/love for each other evolves into the sisterhood/friendship/love that JoJo & I have. Just like JoJo's note to me, I echo that and say to Becca & Mary-Gail,

Becca's Tower

Becca said, "This is the biggest, most bestest tower I ever built."

Tony said, "She must be your daughter - she uses hyperbole's in every sentence."

Pappy's Cooking School

Pappy is amazing. This is him in March, making Banana Nut Bread with Reese, Becca & Mary-Gail. Pappy brought over all the ingredients (he knows better than to trust I have food in my pantry - he's seen how bare it is), and he gave each of the girls an assignment: Reese was in charge of the brown sugar, Becca & Mary-Gail cracked the eggs (in separate dishes, mind you) and helped Pappy mix the bananas. The mini-bread loaves actually tasted good, and all three girls were so proud of themselves. They LOVE being of service and being helpful.

Becca takes a turn helping Pappy mix the bananas
Reese is concentrating on measuring the brown sugar -
gotta pack it in the measuring cup
Mary-Gail takes a turn with the mixer - Pappy wasn't sure if she or Becca could hold the mixer on their own (they do now though, especially after graduating from Pappy's Cooking School)

Teaching children to cook takes a lot of patience. Pappy's been able to develop that patience, and I have too, to some degree. I admit I still exhale several times when we crack eggs: Mary-Gail is "She-ra, the Princess of Power" and squeezes the guts out of the eggs - literally - completely crushing the shell into the bowl. She quickly smiles and says, "Oopsie." A few more exaggerated exhales from me, and a smile later, I shrug it off. No worries: No one has said anything to me about egg-shells in their brownies...yet.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, was Mary-Gail's favorite book for the longest time. She loved it so much, that after this terrible disaster happened to it, purchasing a new one became top priority before Lovey & I left for vacation (January '09).

We pulled out the book again and Lovey read it to them, complete with theatrics and all

Becca saying, "Daddy is silly"

I had a play-date

I probably haven't mentioned that my baby sister, Carly, is here with her twins...Yes, it's true!!! We convinced Carly to come home while Spencer studies for his Medical Board test. Carly and her girls have been here since June 17th, and Spencer will be here on Wednesday, July 7th. CarCar is staying with my Dad - just a short mile away - and so I get to pop-in and visit frequently.

Two weekends ago JoJo & I stole CarCar's babies for the night. It was a no-brainer that JoJo took Quincy Joanna, and we got Tenley Magnolia. Jo said when Reese saw which baby they had, she exclaimed, "We got the blue-eyed one!" Quincy is already sporting Carly's red hair and blue eyes. Rebecca & Mary-Gail were elated to have a baby in our house too. Mary-Gail especially: she doted on Tenley and kept saying things like, "Ahh, I love her." "She's so beautiful." "Did she just come from Jesus? Did she? Did she?" And Tenley looks like she might be sporting some beautiful brown eyes. Rebecca & Georgia happily welcome another brown-eyed girl to their very elite "brown-eyes girls club."

But Friday, after work, I got to have a play-date with the twins all by myself! Here's what we did:

Woke up from our nap about 35 minutes after CarCar left.
We are so happy!
Tenley (L) in Purple; Quincy (R) in Blue
And then Aunt Amanda rolled us to our tummies
Lovin' that smile, Quincy!
Caught Quincy half-blinking, but I just love this shot
and this shot too.
Hello diaper bums!
Tenley is still 1 lbs heavier than Quincy, and about 2 1/2 inches longer!
And then we ate, changed diapers, and went outside
Hangin' out, just maxin' & relaxin' in the shade, enjoying the breeze & new sounds
And then we painted toes!
Quincy's piggies got clipped and painted. First time for nail polish on these little piggies!
And Quincy crosses her ankles - just like Reese, Taylor, Becca & Mary-Gail did! Love it!
Tenley had been through this before with me (the girls and I painted Tenley's toes when she slept-over). This time Tenley was a little more wiggly, and with the fast-drying nail polish I couldn't wipe off the extra nail polish.
Still super cute pink piggies!
Oh, and then Quincy fell asleep...
...with her ankles crossed!
Truly, is there anything more wonderful than a little baby?
Tenley got to explore her surroundings a little more
And then CarCar came home

Carly noticed Quincy's piggies right off!

And then Tenley fell asleep on me
The End

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007