Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rebecca, the fashionista, and Cinderella

In addition to wearing my high-heel shoes, and being able to walk well in them, Rebecca also knows how to dress.
Becca loves to dress up and she's decided to incorporate my headbands & head wraps as her scarf accessories.
Rebecca, rockin' the faux-hoc
And I just had to add these pictures after I first posted this entry. Rebecca & Mary-Gail recently inherited more dress-up clothes from my sister Kristie's two girls. Reese helped them get dressed and Rebecca & Mary-Gail did a fashion show for Daddy. I was in the office working, and after the fashion show, Lovey brought MG down to show me her outfit.
Mary-Gail said she was Cinderella...and Rebecca was the Butterfly Queen.
Cinderella & Butterfly Queen
Plus Reese, the fashion choreographer

Check it out!

Rebecca has begun saying, "Check it out!" It's really funny - she & Tony play back and forth saying "check it out, check it out" and don't stop until one burst out laughing.

So, I've copied Rebecca's phrase and am asking everyone to "Check it out" (our blog) because I've finally posted our fabulous pictures of Ali & Avery & Jada's visit with us. Finally.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Me & My Lovey, Monday, 11.09.09

We went to Bridal Veil Falls for pictures Monday. This place holds a special spot in my & Lovey's hearts - it's where we 1st took a picture of us while we were dating. Now, it's 10 years to the date from our 1st picture @ Bridal Veil. We both look like little kids in that November 1999 picture. Can't believe it's been 10 years. Love ya babe!

Lovey & Becca
I can't get enough of hand holding pictures, especially father-daughter hand holding pictures

Family Pictures, Monday, 11.09.09

We absolutely had to take family pictures while the kids were out here visiting. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the last time we had family pictures was over 9 years ago. And since then, we've added 3 beautiful & healthy & bright girls.
Our beautiful family

Lovey & his beautiful kids

Avery & Jada

Papa & Jada

Steven & Ali

Monday night Cake & Ice Cream, 11.10.09

A goodbye celebration for Ali & Avery.

Our time together with our kids was way too short. We really only had 4 days with Ali, and 6 days with Avery & Jada. Ali & her boyfriend, Steven, had to return to SC Tuesday, so Lovey & I decided to have family come over Monday night for cake & ice cream. This gave everyone a chance to talk, catch-up on the goings-on, and to take pictures. Ali & Avery were really great - and I was very appreciative of my Mom, Grandma Gourley, and sister JoJo + her family to come over. Family is such a blessing, and having family close - like Jack & Carol (4 houses away) is fabulous!
Family gathered in the kitchen
Ali, JoJo + Taylor Bug, MG, & Jada

Isaac, Amy, Jada; and yes, Steven, I can still see you!

The Downstairs Ruckus Group:
Becca, Reese, Gage, Isaac, Amy, & MG
Rebecca & MG working on another puzzle - this time it's a super large floor puzzle

Time for Pictures!
Jack Kemp Family
Uncle Jack, Jada, Avery, Amy, Ali, Aunt Carol, Isaac
The Great, and the Great-Great
Great Grandma Rebecca & Great-Great Grandma Gourley
add one more Grandma to the mix...Me!
All the Grandma's!
Great Grandma Rebecca, Jada, Gra-Manda, & Great-Great Grandma Gourley
Jada had an immediate love for everyone,
and was not stingy with her hugs & kisses

Bath Time Fun times 4! No wait...times 3
After eating all that chocolate cake, icing, and ice cream, everyone (including some of the adults) needed a bath! Taylor Bug joined Rebecca & Mary-Gail in their mini-pool, and so did Jada. But, bath time was not fun for Jada. My girls kept 'terrorizing' her (pouring water on her back & splashing). Needless to say, Jada did not bathe with the girls again. However, we were happy to have Taylor Bug with us. She splashed right along!

One worn out little girl, Monday, 11.09.09

Avery said it was OK if Ali & I took Jada to get her ears re-pierced. So the three of us: Gra-Manda, Auntie Ali, and Jada, went to the mall right at 10 am to "get it over with."
We're all smiles before the piercing...
Snap! One ear down, one more to go...

The sales gal showed Jada her new Pink Bling, which stopped the tears

Ali was doing her best to be strong

I think the piercing hurt Ali more than it did Jada
The sales gal gave Jada a sucker - she should have given Ali one too.

We got home and I handed out fruit snacks to the littles. Ali & Steven went shopping in the hopes of finding some boots for Ali; and Lovey & Avery went to the Post Office, shooting, and then out to lunch. The 3 littles and I stayed home, and all of us were overly tired. I quickly whipped up some lunch, and after Jada had a few bites she went in search for her Dadda. Little did I know that she had fallen asleep on the stairs in her search.
One tired little critter

Reading, singing, & puzzles, Sunday, 11.08.09

I'm so surprised that no one - not one - of our 3 littles fell asleep on the 30 minute drive home from Aunt DarDar's house. They were so excited playing, enjoying the "Kiddie Cove," and running the length of the entire basement. So at 9:30pm, we finally got changed into PJ's and read books.

Reading time with Lovey
Jada picked out the Ten Little Dinosaurs, a book of ours she quickly fell in love with
(Lovey & I gave it to her to enjoy on the plane ride home)

After Ten Little Dinosaurs, Jada went right over to the puzzles

Me & Becca, self-portraits

Rebecca, that little turkey! I couldn't get her to open her eyes for our self-portrait.

However, I absolutely love her puckered lips and "cheesy" smile.

During Singing Time:

Rebecca did her best to let Jada do the Fish puzzle by herself,
but couldn't be patient any longer & just had to help.
Afterall, Rebecca is the Puzzle Queen
Ahh, for cute
Jada (remember she is a Night Owl) and Avery (who is truly asleep)

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007