Monday, December 31, 2007

Game night at CarSue's

Yes, it's still Saturday and after a great morning breakfast at Jo's, a morning of family pictures in her basement, snow fun in Chrisman Park, and an afternoon of lounging on her couch watching Bourne Ultimatum, we still have things planned for the evening with Jason & Norman. After all, they're only here for 2 full days and we have to make the most of it!

We headed for supper to a Japanese Tepanyaki/Sushi Bar Restaurant called Sakura in Orem. All of us fit around the rectangle table - with the exception of Paul and Tony - they stayed home to babysit so Kristie & I could go to dinner. Jason & Norman ordered 2 sushi rolls, and I shared a roll with Carly (of course I ordered an entree also). To our surprise and pleasure, Jason & Norman picked up the ticket and paid for everyone! Yikes - that was a BIG bill. Supper was wonderful, and I always like it when the chef throws food at me (:O).

We then adjourned to Carly & Spencer's house for games. The game we played was so fun! Each person had to write down 3 famous people on 3 separate slips of paper. The slips were combined in a bowl and round 1 began. There were 3 rounds of 30 seconds per team per round. Once your team guesses the name, you can continue to draw until time runs out. There is not skipping/passing the name you drew.

Round 1: Draw a name - use as many words to describe the famous person to your team

Round 2: Draw a name - only ONE word can be used to describe the famous person

Round 3: Draw a name - Now you have to act out the famous person. Here's Norman acting out Posh Spice, one of the names he drew:

The Chrisman Park and SnowFun

Jo & Jed bought the 1/4 acre lot next to their house shortly after buying their home in 2002. They landscaped the entire lot last summer for Jed's sister's outdoor wedding. Now, we call the lot "Chrisman Park" because it's huge!!
We introduced Jason to the Chrisman Park after family pictures on Saturday.

Jason making snowballs for the 3 on 1 battle

(Josh, Preston, & Gage vs. Uncle Jason)


Jason pelts Josh in the behind with a snowball

Abbie quietly sips her hot coco while the boys tackle and smear each other with snow, and then give sled rides through Chrisman Park

Josh thew Jason off the sled - Jason is chasing Josh

Close-up of "the chase"

Jason trying to run from the kids

Gage leaped onto Jason's back

Gage tackled Jason and is giving him a knuckle sandwich on his back

Gage trying to "white-wash" Uncle Jason

Preston is crawling away - unable to help Gage -
Jason kicks snow on Gage

Close-up of the snow that Jason is kicking towards Gage

Gage was trying to kick snow on Jason, but Jason got him anyway.
Jason pulling Gage off the stone patio

Jason pulling Preston across Chrisman Park

Preston with snow flurries as Jason pulls him through Chrisman Park

Family picture outtakes

Julia & Rebecca; Quenten & Mary-Gail (during breakfast)

When Julia set Rebecca down...
Quenten snatched her up!
Quenten tended to my girls all morning - he loved them!

Jason said something tender that made Mom cry

CarCar, Me, JoJo
while we wait for another group pic
Josh, CarCar, & Baby Becs

Laughter & genuine smiles

Julia looks giddy...

...and this is why she's giddy: 3 strong men holding her up!

Uncle Spencer was the "gate keeper" to the slide during family pictures
He asked for a "High 5" or a kiss before the kidlets could go down the slide

Jason getting Georgia on the floor

Jason & Norman w/the Kemp's

Josh, Pam, Preston, Abbie, McKena & Baby GIRL Brown
(due in May)

Paul & Kristie

Rooser Roost: Paul, Kristie, Madison, Jack, Georgia & Tommy

Brown Family pictures 2007

Family pictures: 2 parents, 6 siblings, 6 spouses, 12 children/nieces/nephews, 2 friends = a long photo session in JoJo's basement! Thank heavens she had the room to fit all of us. And a BIG THANK YOU to Carol and her sister, Arlynne, for coming to Springville and taking our pictures.

Brown Family photo
December 29, 2007


Mom and her 6 wonderful grown-up kids

Dad and his 6 wonderful grown-up kids

The girls

The beautiful girls

Dad - What a lucky guy!

The boys and Mom

The boys and Dad

Mom & Dad with their grandchildren: 12 this year...
...14 in 2008!

Uncle Jason & Uncle Norman with their 12 nieces & nephews

Norman & Jason

Breakfast at Jo's

Saturday morning, 12/29, we all rendezvoused at JoJo's house for some home cookin'. Carly made pancakes, I made scrambled eggs, JoJo made the hot chocolate, Spencer and Norman manned the stove with hashbrowns & bacon. Lots of food, and lots of fun people - my family - to share breakfast and conversations with.

Jason & Preston waiting for pancakes

Jason sharing stories with Mom

Norman (L) & Spencer (R) cooking bacon & hashbrowns

The Uncles are here! The Uncles are here!

The uncles are here! The uncles are here! Jason & Norman are really here!

Jason and Norman flew in from New York on Friday, 12/28. We all anticipated their arrival at 11:30 am, but after missing their connecting flight in Atlanta (their plane arrived on time, but just circled in the air), and missing the next standby flight, catching the following flight, arriving in SLC at 4:50 pm only to discover they couldn't find their luggage. Found the luggage, that had been damaged, and finally making it to Mom's in Springville where hugs & kisses were given/received later that evening at 6:45 pm.

Jason Andrew (with faux-hock hairdo) and Mary-Gail (with blue cup)

Jason & Norman got the kids "Statue of Liberty" foam hats.
He's leading them on a march through Mom's house.

Kidlets still marching

Tony sporting his new NY Yankees bb cap -
a generous gift to all the men from Jason & Norman

Jason reading "The Elephant and the Flea" to the kids

Jason knows the artist who illustrated the book

It's a story about and Elephant who is trying to get a flea off his back...

...He bathes in water thinking that will do the trick...but it doesn't.
Fun to see Jason reading to the kids (and adults)

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007