Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have you seen my Mother?

I'm sure that's what Rebecca & Mary-Gail have been thinking for the last 2 weeks. And I know Lovey has been thinking, "where is your Mother?" and "where is my Wife?"

My entire kitchen, including my dinning table (with the extension leaf) have become my hostages as Jo, Mom, & I work to complete several Christmas projects. My tile floor is covered in thread, material scraps, totes filled with finished & un-finished creations. JoJo & Mom have dedicated their precious spare time to help with these projects - and I'm happy to say we only have a few (maybe 4 more hours?) left until we're all done!

Soon, my little babies, you'll have a mom again. Until then, be good and please stop coloring on my walls :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

a decade...and counting

Tonight, at 5:00 pm, Lovey & I will have been married for 10 years! What the...?! 10 years. Wow. That's a decade. A decade of being with my Lovey who fiercely loves me, and I him.

Tony moved into our apartment two days before we were married. I was at the apartment hanging Christmas lights in the bedroom (spelling out "I LOVE YOU") when Tony came home from work. I remember that feeling - when Tony came "HOME" from work. He came home to our little 1-bedroom abode, and he came home to me. We layed on the bed, Tony holding me in his arms, and watched as my message spelled out in Christmas lights fell pitifully from the wall. I gave up on trying to re-attach it to the wall, kissed my soon-to-be husband goodbye, and headed back to my parent's house to get ready.

My sisters, Joanna & Carly, helped me get ready. That was also a feeling that I'd never experienced before - having someone completely dote on me. I wore a RED DRESS, one I'd made several years before for JoJo's Prom; I borrowed JoJo's red, strappy shoes, and her fashion jewelry. CarCar fixed my hair, and both of them swore I was beautiful. That night I felt beautiful. And I felt loved.

Lovey has taken great care of me since then. And even before, while we were dating, he brushed of my callous moods & "feministic views" and still took a chance. I often ask him why he asked me out that first time. He tells me he "felt 'froggy' so he jumped." I'm so grateful he jumped, and together we've been jumping through the years. Together. Happy Anniversary, my Lovey. I love you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Due in May

So have you seen this post or what?

Twins...due in May. I couldn't be more excited!!!

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007