Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being creative

This book happens to be one of Rebecca & Mary-Gail's favorites! (They have so many). I bought Harold & the Purple Crayon at Barnes & Noble a few months ago on a whim, and I'm happy to see that it has become a favorite read.

Tonight Lovey was reading Harold, and I was acting out the story. Harold drew an apple tree, and thought the apples would taste so much better when they turned red, so he drew a "frightening dragon under the tree. The dragon was so frightening that it scares Harold, who backs away with his hand shaking..."

I sign "scared" (elbows bent, palms facing towards your body, with fingers spread open. Move fingers towards each other) and act as though I'm terrified of the dragon - you know: eyes wide, jaw dropped with mouth open, and shaking. Becca jumped off the bed, rushed to me, and put her hands on my knees. Here's what Becca said:

Becca: "Mom, Mom! He's pre-tend-ing. It's OK."

Hilarious! I must have been doing a good acting job for Becca to enunciate and stress the word "Pre-tend-ing." I'm so glad my 3-year old has my back.

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is hard

I got home just in time to finish baths, read stories, and tuck my sweet babies in bed.  This is hard.

And someone please tell me, when did they grow up???
P.S. Lovey just said "It's not hard to look grown-up in those two pictures, when you're 27 weeks old in that picture." Just for the record, MG & R were born at 27 weeks, but were 1-month old in the above picture. Sheesh!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"...and another paint nails comed off"

This is my Becca. And my Becca loves to have her nails painted. It's one of our little activities on Saturday (in preparation for Sunday), and it's something I've copied from my sister JoJo (whom I try to emulate as much as I can - because she's awesome!). Becca gets so distraught when her nails aren't painted, or when her nail polish comes off. This is what she says:

Becca: "Mommy, mommy, Look! Another paint nails comed off."
Me: "Oh, Becs, that's too bad." And I stick my bottom lip out
Becca: (with her bottom lip stuck out too, and pretending to be sulky-sad, sniffing away pretend tears) "Mom, we need to paint them. They comed off."
Me: "Why did the paint come off?
Becca: "I don't know! It just comed off."
Me: "Did your toe-nail paint come off too?"
Becca: (said matter-of-factly) "Yes, it did. We need to paint them too."

I love her little mind, and her very amuzing expressions. And with Becca & Mary-Gail, it's the little things that count; because as the song goes, "Little Things Mean A Lot." So we three girls will always have a special date on Saturdays to paint our nails. It means a lot to them, and it means a lot to me.

Oh, what a beauty!
Mary-Gail & Becca admiring their "paint nails"
Becca is so thrilled with Sally Hansen's Deep Purple Plum color
(borrowed from JoJo's nail polish collection)
Blue-eyed sister; brown-eyed sister.
Both beauties!

And the photo session is over...

Lovey is a High Priest

Tony was announced & sustained to the office of "High Priest" in Stake Conference on Sunday, January 17th. Lovey is going to be the teacher for the High Priest's for the 2nd & 3rd Sunday lessons. My Lovey is an amazing teacher - it's one of his many gifts. He knows the Gospel of Jesus Christ better than anyone I know. His vast knowledge & understanding of the scriptures, and his ability to explain doctrine in a easy-to-understand AND easy-to-relate-to-way is incredible. Lovey teaches by the Spirit, he studies by the Spirit, and he's guided by the Spirit. I am so jealous I'm not able to be in the High Priest's group to hear his lessons!

One year after we were married, Lovey was called to be the Gospel Principles teacher. His love for the Gospel overwhelmed me. I knew Tony had a testimony of Jesus Christ, and I knew he was well versed in the scriptures. But what I didn't know was how that Gospel Principles class would test my faith and my very feeble, flimsy testimony. My testimony was on rocky ground - I had not nurtured it for a long time. And I had a really difficult time believing the Gospel Principles. My meek & humble husband, a true steward of Jesus Christ, taught with conviction, with priesthood power, and with love. I sort of hoped to believe, and then I allowed myself to believe, until I thought I believed. Now, 10 years later, I know I believe.

Lovey, Becca, Miguel, before church
Sunday, January 24th

Heavenly Father has really blessed Tony with the ability to teach - and Tony continues to develop that gift. I know this new calling will bless Tony; and it will bless our little family too!

Lovey, Becca, Arla Mae, & "Ghost" (Becca's stuffed animal) after church
during "nap time" (Miguel is surprisingly taking a nap)
Becca is munching on a Fudge Striped cookie. mmmm

Monday, January 25, 2010

See how awesome my Lovey is!!!

"I was ringing those plates like a slot-machine in Vegas - ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!"

-Tony Kemp, aka "Maverick"

This is my Lovey. He made it on YouTube!

If you've seen this Subway commercial, where the grown men are talking like little kids, then you get an idea of how it is when Tony gets together with his shooting buddies. They are grown men playing "cops & robbers" talking about all the cool gadgets, equipment, bullets associated with shooting. They are seriously little kids at Christmas.

This video was from Tony's Fun Shoot at "The Farm." (The Farm is where Military contractors & SLC County Sherriff's are trained). Tony selected his Glock 17 (9mm) out of his arsenal of weapons to shoot with. And he smoked this stage! 28 shots in 14.49 seconds. Lovey's time was the fastest time in his squad - maybe even the whole event.

"So you need to ask yourself, do you feel lucky? ya, punk?"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mary-Gail's new reading nook

Mary-Gail. She loves books. Her new favorite happens to be my Book of Mormon. She calls it her "Little Book", and my Bible is her "Big Book."

I was in the bathroom, and Mary-Gail comes in to sit with me. She positions her little bottom on the edge of the tub, opens up her book, and begins to "sing-read." I asked her if I could take her picture and she said OK.

I love this little angel. Her little voice, her books, her painted toes. She's mine forever!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The fireworks show of the century

Don't say this 3-letter word at our house - N A P. That is unless you want to see a fireworks show, put on by Rebecca & Mary-Gail, that rivals the Stadium of Fire fireworks.

You know those fireworks that "scream" to the point of hearing loss, while they're turning different colors for a good 10 seconds? Rebecca & Mary-Gail (mostly Rebecca) tops the sound and the colors of those fireworks. And because of this fantastic fireworks show, my two sweet daughters have not taken a N A P for what seems like a billion months (since October, really).

No naps? I need those naps as much as Rebecca & Mary-Gail do; it's my 1 1/2 hr to get things done! I insisted on keeping the 1 1/2 hrs allotted for nap time, but changed it to "quiet time" where we'd watch a little rest show instead. Rebecca & Mary-Gail won't sleep through a show, and I know that, but somehow I thought that if they were calm & quiet and occupied with a show, that it would be the equivalent of a good 1 1/2 hrs nap.

Oh, not so! Our afternoons turned into drama, after drama, after drama, and then bedtime became earlier, and earlier, and earlier. I finally put the cabosh on it all when Mary-Gail began crawling in our bed at 5:00 am! So, "quiet time" is nap time again (only we don't say 'nap'). However, it's a little more complex than it used to be, with Rebecca & Mary-Gail's big girl beds & even bigger girl attitudes.

Nap time got moved an hour later to 1:30 - 3:00 pm (used to be 12:30 - 2:30 pm when they used to take 2 hour naps). We read books before nap time, like we used to do, only I don't mention that we're taking a nap. Instead I say something like, "Let's go potty, and then get in our spots," and that seems to do the trick. Although I still hear from Rebecca, "We're not taking a nap!" I assure her that "we're just going to get in our spots and rest."

I sit in the hallway reading my book/scriptures/making lists/whatever, keeping a slanted eye on Rebecca & Mary-Gail's doorways making sure they stay in their beds. They can grab a book, a stuffed animal, a toy, but they cannot get out of their beds. Mary-Gail will inevitably fall asleep (such is the case for a good little thumb-sucker like her), but Rebecca is so stubborn (wonder where she gets that from?) and refuses to even try to fall asleep. I'll let her come out around 2:15/2:30pm, after a good 40 - 60 minute attempt, and when Rebecca does come out of her room, she reminds me, "SHhhh, Be quiet. Mary-Gail is sweeping." :)

Mary-Gail asleep @ "nap time" today
Rebecca, totally NOT taking a nap
I don't blame her - having Daddy all to yourself is so worth it!

Bye-Bye cribs

Rebecca & Mary-Gail were still in their baby cribs - up until Thurs, Dec 31st. They have been climbing in and out of their cribs since the summer, and I would have let them stay in their cribs until they were 5, but it was time to move them to "big-girl beds." Plus, Aunt CarCar needed a crib for her twin girls, who are due in May, and Becca & Miguel are, afterall, 3 years old. It was time.

We talked to Rebecca and suggested that she give her crib (a hand-me down from Kristie) to Aunt CarCar's babies to sleep in. Becca was excited about giving something to CarCar's babies, and she was excited to sleep in a big-girl bed. Mary-Gail's crib, a hand-me-down from JoJo was no good anymore. It lasted through all but 1 of Jo's 4 kids, and we extended its life by gluing it and holding it in vice-grips to keep it from swaying. However, after 3 more years of use, and after our two girls, who have Kangaroo Jumping Legs, shared it, the poor crib was done for. Gluing together wouldn't hold it again; its long life of 6 years have been a workout!

Say Good-Bye to your crib!
Rebecca did a little song'n'dance to send the crib off

And then it was time to move on & play.
I hope CarCar & Spencer's twins enjoy sharing a crib like our girls did!
Becca & Miguel wasted no time breaking in their new beds. They love them!
Mary-Gail dragged the doggie steps from our bedroom & placed them at the foot of her bed, so she & Becca could climb up easier. Genius!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Princess Becca & Princess Miguel

Rebecca & Mary-Gail's birthday present from Aunt DarDar & Uncle Mark were princess dress-ups. And these dress-ups have become Rebecca & Mary-Gail's second skin - literally. I have to hide the dress-ups from them so I can get them washed! Just a few candid pics of the girls "playing" princesses.
Who says Princesses can't climb with heels on?
Rebecca is a beauty - crossed ankles and painted toes
Rebecca is actually "laugh-singing," a common occurrence around these parts
Mary-Gail rocks the faux fur glass slippers
Same day/different outfit & shoes
Mary-Gail is telling me the similarities of her and Barbie
Oh my Gosh, isn't Mary-Gail the cutest!

Grandma Pink can really Boogie

It's Christmas Eve (around 2pm) and the girls & I journeyed to my Mom's. JoJo & Carly were in the front room, Mom was in the kitchen, and Rebecca & Mary-Gail wanted to dance to the Christmas music that was playing. So Mom stopped cooking the Tacos Mix (our traditional Christmas Eve dinner) and started dancing to the beat with Rebecca & Mary-Gail. Mom showed the girls how to "twist & shout." The girls love to dance, and dancing with Grandma Pink was the best!

JoJo was wrapping presents, so I brought mine for her to wrap (such a nice sister she is!). CarCar was laid up on the couch (bedrest) and was in charge of writing the "To" and "From" gift tags, and Spencer was sampling the food. :)

Little Ella Mae (18 months), Uncle Spencer, & Aunt CarCar PLUS two growing baby babes (due in May!)

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007