Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Vacation - here we come!

We leave for our family vacation Sunday morning. Our flight arrives in LA @ 3pm, and then we board the "big boat," which Becca & Mary-Gail have been talking about for weeks! I can't believe it's already time to go - I am a nervous wreck: trying to get my house & yard clean and in order (I like coming home to a clean and organized house), finishing loose ends @ work (it's been ridiculously crazy since we've switched to Electronic Medical Records), taking care of the puppies (shots, groomed, food, etc), our business, laundry, packing, on and on and on. It is clear that both Lovey & I need a vacation, and we're so excited to take our two sweet littles on the "big boat...and go fishing, and go swimming, and watch a movie, and eat popcorn, and eat ice cream! Oooh! I LOVE ice cream!" (Direct quote from Mary-Gail).
They had a fabulous week at school. Their teacher's name is Amie ("just like our Amy but spelled different" - says Becca). And Teacher Amie is wonderful. She was in awe with Becca's manners - please, thank you, excuse me, bless you - and so surprised that she and Mary-Gail were so easy-going and at-home. I'm overjoyed that Becca & Mary-Gail love school. Becca tells me everyday when I take her and Mary-Gail to their class, "Thanks for taking us to school, Mommy." And I am greeted with screams and hugs and kisses from both of them as Mary-Gail tells me, "Mommy, I thought I lost you! You came back!" It's been an easy transition for them, and I'm slowly realizing that this is our life & routine now.
Becca & Mary-Gail got their hair cut this morning and Oh My Goodness are they cute!! Just dolls, the sweetest, cutest dolls ever. Pictures of their new haircuts to follow, but first - I was browsing through my buckets of pictures and found these pictures from July. Of all the hundreds of pictures I take each month, I wonder why I don't post more. Hmm, have to get on that. Mary-Gail took Amy-Cakes' "A" necklace and is doing a great job modeling it in these pics. Oh, these girls are the best! Enjoy!
Becca & Mary-Gail practice dancing everyday. Usually Becca is the "prince" and Mary-Gail is the "princess" or "Queen" depending on her mood. (I like it better when she is the princess, because the Queen is so bossy and so stubborn!)

Their "side-step-touch" always ends in bouts of laughter & hugs. I am truly blessed. These girls of mine light up my life! C u next week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The end of an era

It's the end of an era for us...the "faboo Amy-Cakes babysitter" era ended today. School starts tomorrow and I couldn't convince Amy-Cakes to be home schooled & stay and take care of my babies - go figure. :)

School starts tomorrow. I said that already, but seriously? Is the summer really over? I seriously can't believe it. And what I really can't believe it that Rebecca & Mary-Gail will be FOUR YEARS OLD in November...? (As Mary-Gail would say, "What the...?). My babies start school tomorrow too...9-5 "daycare/school"...I'm besides myself. Lovey & I have wrestled with this decision and with all our "plates" up in the air, it's the best decision for us now. My sisters, JoJo & Kristie, have had their kids @ this school (JoJo's last 2 are there still & Becca & Mary-Gail are excited about that!) and I have helped drop-off & pick-up Jo's kids, so I am familiar with the school and its teachers. I've had Becca & Mary-Gail on the waiting list since Lovey's work schedule changed in March, so to be able to finally get them enrolled is a huge blessing. Still...I wish Amy-Cakes would reconsider being home schooled...

These two girls had a great summer w/Amy!
my new haircut: a faux-hoc. Love it!
(Becca & Mary-Gail get their back-to-school haircuts on Friday)
Cute pictures from Sunday morning...
...Reading in bed
Becca is reading, "Because a little bug went ka-choo"
& Mary-Gail is playing her mini symbols
...and playing "Marching Band"

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007