Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now just how old are you?

My girls - they are growing up so fast! I can't believe that they're only 2 - their manners, abilities, speech, though-processes all speak to an older age than 2.
  • Singing their alphabet
  • Making the sounds of the letters of the alphabet - what the?

Two funny stories I have to interject here. We were getting ready for church and I was dressing Rebecca. I was saying something like, "D, D, D says "da" like Dad-dy." Rebecca is our little Mocking Bird and copied me. Then she said, "D, D, D,!" Almost Rebecca :)

Here's another one: Mary-Gail loves the letter "M" because it's her letter (and because we visit the M-store (McDonald's) and get a hash brown on our way to the Kite Store (Sam's Club - their sign looks like a kite, doesn't it). Anyways, Mary-Gail carries around her over-sized, foam letter "M" throughout the house saying, "MMMM, MMMMM, MMMM, ma, ma, ma..." Rebecca says to me, "M, M, M, ma, ma, Sister!" Yes, "M" is for MMMMMAry-Gail, our sister.

  • Counting up to 10 (Becca can count backwards: 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 2, 3, ... it's cute)
  • Filling in the words to songs: Popcorn Popping, I love to see the Temple, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, I am a Child of God, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam (that one's old hat to them now)
  • Listening to Rebecca "read" her book she made in Nursery (Mary-Gail tore hers apart, which is typical for Mary-Gail). Rebecca pauses at does a lip-smacking sound, and then starts again.
  • Repeating the words in our daily/nightly prayers - Tony and I were so caught off guard by that one. Now we make sure to pause to allow Rebecca & Mary-Gail to repeat what we said.
  • Reasoning with us - what 2 year old "reasons" with their parents?
  • Taking their dirty clothes to the laundry hamper and their dirty diapers to the garbage
  • Negotiating toy trades - anything Mary-Gail has, Rebecca wants. So, Rebecca negotiates a trade of toys w/MG. (BTW, MG doesn't even care what toy she plays with - she always makes it more fun and consequently Rebecca wants it back!)

And here's another shocker: I've said before that we have to spell words since the girls know the signs for the words we use. I spelled out "PEN" to Tony, and Becca-Becca said, "Pen, P -E - N, Pen." Tony about fell on the floor! I remembered that "PEN" was in one of their Signing Time videos. Still though, that's pretty amazing that Rebecca could recall that, spell it, and use it in proper context.

Tony & I trade baffled glances with each other as we watch our girls play. They love "friends" which is any kid (any age too) who they see outside, in the stores, at the library. But their most favorite friend (besides their cousins Cy-Cy & Baby Taylor-Bug) are each other. Glad that we have twins and super glad that they love each other and play well together.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An update on Dad

This little man has kept us busy :) Dadda is doing well, and was discharged Saturday, January 31st. He did, however, have to be re-admitted due to A-fibrillation's (his heart rate kept racing up to 140 beats per minute. Just for comparisions, Becca & Miguel's in-utero heart rates were 154 & 157!). Dad is home again and is staying at Jo's house; CarCar is helping him with his IV medications (Dad has a P.I.C. line in his arm and will have IV meds for 6 weeks!) His Home Health nurse is "lacking," but she draws blood well...good thing our family is blessed with Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners!

Jo & Dad, Wednesday, 1/28
Me & Dad, Wednesday, 1/28
JoJo applying Silver Nitrate to Dad's infected finger

Meanwhile, Becca & Miguel have been LOVING their Auntie CarCar! CarCar drove up the night before Dadda had his heart surgery, and having her here has been such a blessing to us all.
Miguel cheesing it up!
Becca-Becca playing it cool
CarCar sharing her love of kitties with the girls
And we invited Mom over for supper Friday night. Can't remember what we had, but the girls wouldn't let Mom go potty without being right there with her. We love our Grandma!!

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier

Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
September 2007