Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our new house...maybe? Not until Friday...

This is our new home...maybe.  I say "maybe" because we're supposed to close on Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 3 pm EST.  We were supposed to close on Wednesday, March 21, but Tony is out of town for training, so we had to push the date back a day.  However, the bank said we were "stalling" and wanted to move the date up to today, Tuesday, March 20.  I said if they wanted to move the date up, we could move the date to Monday, March 19 and close then.  But the bank said that that day was "too early."  Really?

So, we're supposed to close on Thursday; however, just today the bank called Tony (again) and asked him to substantiate three more things (again). Plus, they needed his check stub from the advance FedEx gave him in February.  Really?  Really?  Have they ever packed up and moved TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX MILES across the entire country?!  Everything we have is in a storage container sitting in hot-lanta; we have nothing with us, except our suitcases and toothbrushes.

Well, it's a good thing it's only Tuesday and we have less than 48 hours to get the bank this information...again. And it's a good thing that Tony will be coming back from his 3-day training in Tennessee tomorrow, so he'll be able to get right on getting that stuff to the bank...again. He actually told the banker that if we don't close on Thursday: "my wife will come down there with a butcher's knife and chop your head off."  Tony said the banker just laughed.  He doesn't take me seriously.

Post-Publish edit: Tony said the bank has delayed our close until Friday...something stupid like the bank has to have the closing paperwork a full 24 hours before the close date.  Really?  This the the FOURTH home I've purchased, and I've never heard of that before.  Does anyone have a really, really, really sharp butcher knife?

We do have a few good things going for us: I already got the carpets cleaned on Monday (Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and they were super!  Thanks Angie's List!).  The littles and I cleaned the kitchen and 1/2 bath today.  Tomorrow we're going to clean the laundry room and the 2 bathrooms upstairs.  By Thursday I should have the master bedroom and the girls' bedroom cleaned, and by Friday we should have the movers here unloading our furniture and boxes!  I'm hoping to get the garage floor painted and pebbled before Friday too - we'll see how well that goes.

Becca & Mary-Gail were so excited to watch a show while I worked in the bathroom.  Mary-Gail exclaimed to Becca, "Becca, Becca!  It's not even Friday yet and Mommy's gonna let us watch a show!  Wa-hoo!"  That's Mary-Gail, doing her "wa-hoo" kick in the picture above.

(Oh, and Carly - we're still using the old pillows you let us have for our road-trip here. 
We're making good use of them, right along side our bathmat)

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