Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm going to re-think my life...

Anna and I met one Tuesday night as we volunteered @ the NICU.  I think it was in April or May 2011.   Anna had a 27-weeker (me too {times 2}) and she was expecting her second child (sadly, me not).  We helped gather the gifts all the while talking about our experiences in the NICU - her little boy stayed 100 days; Becca & Mary-Gail stayed 86 days;  our hardships before, during, and after NICU life. Anna's little boy, Caleb, was almost 2; Becca & Mary-Gail had turned 4.  Caleb was struggling with eating, throwing up ALL his stomach contents, and not gaining weight. I had experienced that with Becca & Mary-Gail too.  Or had I?

Anna said Caleb was scheduled for a visit w/the Pediatric GI doc @ Primary Children's Hospital in SLC.  (Just the mention of that hospital still makes my heart palpitate and goose-bumps appear).  He was already on the elimination diet to see if he was allergic to certain foods, but he might have to have surgery on his bowel for suspected enterocolitis.  Anna said her sweet Caleb was still in 12 month clothes...

We talked for over 2 hours, Anna and I.  We had just met earlier that night, but having preemies and sharing worries and stresses over our super-special children fused an instant connection.  I was sad we had to say goodbye, even though I remember it was well after 1am and Anna had to drive 30minutes to get home, but I was sure I'd see her next Tuesday to hear how Caleb's appt went and what they were going to do.

However, I didn't see Anna again.  My last night volunteering @ the NICU in February 2012 I asked about her, but our Coordinator hadn't seen her either.  My heart was worried for her, for her little Caleb, and for her (then) pregnancy.  BUT, Anna found me!  She ran a random search on the Internet for Preemies and pulled up my blog; we're connected again!

I have to link Anna's post here.  For one, because I truly thought I understood her plight with her non-eater.  I mean, Mary-Gail was next-in-line for a NG-tube because the little turkey refused to eat.  I remember telling my pediatrician I wanted to return her to the NICU and have her hooked up on a feeding tube!  And two, as a shout-out to all those mothers (and fathers) who struggle with their little ones' needs, who hover over their children when a simple cough can easily turn into bronchitis or pneumonia (which is what I'm facing now with Mary-Gail),  and for my brother, Josh, who has two beautiful daughters who have Type I Juvenile Diabetes (both were diagnosed when they were just three years old!), I hear you.  Anna does too.

Visit Anna's post about Caleb here and here and here 

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Anna said...

Oh, Amanda!! That's so sweet of you. It's nice to see people understanding our situation.

I'm sorry I didn't go back to volunteer at the NICU. :( I was having too many contractions and was told to take it easy. Maybe I'll go back once Russell is older and we're not desperately attached at the boob. :)

And just for the record, I love my life with my little sickly preemie. The only thing I would change if I could is Caleb's suffering. I don't mind feeding him through a tube (in fact, I wouldn't mind if he had to eat that way takes away a lot of the stress!). I just hate to see him hurting, constantly feeling sick, and constantly throwing up. And it stinks to see him want fruit snacks at Nursery and not be allowed to eat them. :(

And Caleb is just barely now growing out of 12-month clothes, at 28.5 months old! Hooray for reaching 22 lbs!

If you ever come back to Utah and you have time, would you please come visit? It would be so fun to talk to you again!

Oh, and you should e-mail me [magnumhank at gmail dot com]. I have a question for you. Then we can talk easier than commenting back and forth on our blogs. :)

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Kemp Kuties on the Charleston Pier
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